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Toraya, a 100-year-old folk house where you can stay


Yoshii-cho, Ukiha City, two designated houses in the Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings
111-year-old Ikuha Main Building in 1911.

Toraya, a 150-year-old Ikuha villa built in 1870
Stay in a Merchant House Built in a Machiya Style.

​Information on room / building rental fee

--Rooms and Fee -

Japanese hospitality in "four rooms"


Ebisu Room

(Max. 4 people)


Chikiri Room

(Max. 4 people)


Tora Room

(Max. 2 people)


Meiji Room

(Max. 2 people)

Spend the "whole house" like a vacation home!


1 building rental (limited to 1 group per day)

Entire accommodation building (capacity 12 people)

Whole House Rental


​Enjoy "food, play, history, walks, shopping" in Ukiha

--How to spend Ukiha -

eat, see, play.
Enjoy "Ukiha"

Ukiha City is located in the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture, in the Chikugo region, adjacent to Hita City in Oita Prefecture. Ukiha City is blessed with soil and water sources. You can enjoy various fruit picking all year round, mountain walks such as forest bathing therapy, and water sports such as SUP that you can enjoy on the Chikugo River. It is also a secret gourmet spot, and in fact, the number of sweets shops per capita is number one in Japan. It has a long history, with many important traditional buildings and shrines and temples.

Why don't you come and learn more about "Ukiha"?

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