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 About Ukiha


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Enjoy "Ukiha"

Ukiha City is located in the Chikugo region of southern Fukuoka Prefecture, adjacent to Hita City in Oita Prefecture. Ukiha City is blessed with soil and water sources. You can pick a variety of fruits all year round, go hiking in the mountains for forest bathing therapy, and enjoy water sports such as SUP on the Chikugo River. It is also a secret gourmet spot, and in fact, has the highest number of sweets stores per capita in Japan. Ukiha has a rich history, with important traditional buildings lining the streets, and many shrines and temples.
Why don't you come and learn more about Ukiha?


Spring, summer, autumn, winter, fruit picking


"Ukiha" is also called "Fruit Kingdom". In Ukiha City, the ratio of fruit to agricultural output is 34%, which is much higher than the national average (around 9%). A wide variety of fruits are harvested because there is a rich environment with geology and topography similar to Alsace in France. (It is named “Ukiha Terroir”)

​ ■Ukiha's fruit information & eating calendar

Number of Sweets Stores “National No. 1”


There are many sweets shops in Ukiha City where you can get fresh seasonal fruits! Exactly
Why don't you find the best sweets for yourself here, not only Western confectionery, but also long-established Japanese confectionery shops, Kichikoko, and new sweets that blend Japanese and Western styles? Not only for eating while walking, but also for souvenirs!

■ Check all Ukiha sweets! #Ukiha Sweets Information Division

Traditional architecture in Yoshii town


There are many historic buildings in Yoshii-cho, Ukiha City. Around Shirakabe-dori, there are places where you can visit for free, such as [Ikura no Yakata], [Kagamida Yashiki], and [Tourist Association "Dozo"]. Toraya is also in one corner, so it is recommended as a base for walking around the town for historical exploration. Toraya also offers pamphlets that are perfect for walking around.


■ Sightseeing information to enjoy "seeing" in Ukiha

A unique shop with a mixture of old and new


When you step into a historic building, there are also shops where a stylish space that is different from the exterior spreads out! There are select book cafes, general stores, and shops that sell Ukiha's specialties. Please find your favorite shop.


"Shopping" to find your favorites in Ukiha

Beautiful scenery. Various “100 selections”


The terraced rice fields in Ukiha City are still beautiful with stone structures from 400 years ago. This terraced rice field has been selected as one of the "Top 100 Terraced Rice Fields", and in September the cluster amaryllis blooms, making it a popular tourist spot that attracts many visitors from inside and outside the city. You can check seasonal events and the best time to see amaryllis from the link. Ukiha City also has Kiyomizu Spring, which was selected as one of the 100 best waters, and Choon Falls Park, which was selected as one of the 100 best water source forests.

​ ■ The popular spot "Tsuzura Rice Terraces"

Relax with forest bathing therapy


Do you know the word "forest bathing"?
"Forest therapy" was born as an initiative to promote mental and physical health and disease prevention by utilizing forests all over the country. In April 2008, Ukiha City was certified as a forest therapy base for the first time in northern Kyushu, after demonstrating the relaxing effects of the city's forests. There are two certified therapy roads in the city: the “Tsuzura Tanada no Sanpomichi Road,” which has a beautiful view of stone terraced rice paddies, and the “Kose no Genryu Road,” where you can enjoy the pleasant waterside air.

What is forest therapy? About the effect and experience participation

Relaxing in Ukiha “hot springs”


Chikugogawa Onsen and Yoshii Onsen are national recreation hot spring resorts, and are the only 91 designated hot spring areas in Japan. A national hot spring resort is a hot spring that is fully expected to be effective and is used as a health resort in order to promote public use of hot springs based on the Hot Spring Law (Law No. 125 of 1948). The land is designated by the Minister of the Environment. Why don't you soothe the tiredness of your trip in the hot springs of Chikugo River and Yoshii, which are famous for their beautiful skin? Please enjoy various hot springs based on the guest house hotel.

Information on hot springs in Ukiha City

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