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Entrance dirt floor


When you enter the entrance, you will see a towering main pillar in front of you.

On both sides facing the street garden, there are a series of small rooms with tatami mats and stiles and mud walls.



From the outside, it looks like a traditional building in Yoshii, with gabled gables. It can be said that the gate structure and openings are covered with iron plates for fire prevention, and it can be said that it experienced the great fire of 1877.



The staircase is a box staircase, which is a wardrobe with drawers and cupboards for the purpose of making effective use of the space under the staircase. At the beginning of the Edo period, they appeared in small townhouses and were called box stairs. It has been in use since before wardrobes and commercial wardrobes appeared, and the wisdom of our predecessors is remembered.

There are many types of Japanese chests such as clothes chests, reception chests, tea chests, medicine chests, stairs chests, and sword chests. You can see the storage of clothes such as kimonos and the valuables box that can be locked in the lower right corner.


Shirakabe-dori, as its name suggests, is a corner lined with white-walled houses built in earthen storehouses.

In addition to old-fashioned soy sauce shops, rice shops, and Japanese confectionery shops, stylish cafes, art galleries, select shops, etc. welcome tourists.


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